We all love Pizza, but our favorite is Pizza Anemos !!

How did they all start? How  this lovely Pizza came to us?

A Little History of Appetite!

“Once upon a time in a wonderful seaside village, on the foothills of Mount Olympus, a hospitable and eager family, lived and worked, at their own company of rented rooms.

In recent years, the younger man of the family, who loved pizzas, used to work in hotels next to established Pizza Chefs, to be initiated into the secrets of dough and pizza ….

A windy morning, while arranging a group of tourists, they listened one tired couple discussing where they could find  a place near there to eat pizza. So, being hospitable, they willing to make  pizza to the wood-fired oven that the young man had make …

The reviews were excellent, their pizza had won! The visitors were so excited that they proposed it to the rest of the group as the delicious “Windy Pizza”. Suddenly many people asking to buy it. The idea was born and the dream started.

In the next year, a big wooden oven had been built, the shop had been set up, the coolers were freezing the beers and the refreshments, and the cones were waiting to be filled with ice cream !!!

For 16 years now, this big wooden oven , every day  in the summer months is lit at 400 degrees and  baked so far over 1,000,000 pizzas and pasta dishes. Every year countless people flock to enjoy the unique quality and taste of Pizza Anemos. Refresh themselves with the dozens of ice cream flavors, drink the coffee accompanied by delicious crepes next to the sea and the cool evenings enjoy their drinks and beers!!

(The youngster)

“With  positive mood and love, we continue to enrich our knowledge, our catalog and our services, so that we can offer you every year a carefree and a delicious summer”

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